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We are moving to a brand new, state of the art website platform called the Academy of Continuing Education for the Professions. All student accounts will be transitioned to the new platform and we will soon be sending an email to everyone with new login details. Please be assured, we will continue to offer the same quality courses and personal service that we have in the past. Look for our new, lower pricing too! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

  The following courses will again be available on our new site!

Preventing Title Insurance Frauds and Scams

Decedents Estates, Powers of Attorney and Trust-Parts 1 and 2

Fundamentals of Title Parts 4,5

Foreclosures Issues part 2

Deeds, Vesting of Title part 1

Origin of Title in New Jersey




The Academy of Continuing Education

With all of today's demands on your time, don't allow the credit chase to be one of them. As a reminder, our online school offers 75 title CE credits and 9 real estate CE credits.  They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your continuing education needs. 

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The Unbeatable Advantage of an Excellent Insurance Education Course.

Multi–tasking is the order of the day. If we look around, we find many insurance professionals taking different courses to upgrade their Title Education courses and stay in touch with current trends. Gone are the days when one had to complete cumbersome forms or waste valuable time standing in queues in order to submit them.


Online courses offered by reputed academies.

These days all you have to do is decide what kind of a course you need to take and the Title School you want to attend. The Title Academy of New Jersey, with more than 15 years of experience is a premium institution. With the click of a mouse you can visit our online site, chose your desired course, and submit the fees through our secure pay channels. That is it. You are registered with us and ready to go. Title credits also can be upgraded after taking our online courses and appearing for online tests.


Quality Education is imperative when keeping with current trends.

Insurance is a sector where you need to keep abreast of latest policies, at all times. At The Title Academy of New Jersey, we offer relevant Insurance Education Courses with the potential to infuse new life into your career. What makes it better is you can take the course anytime, for up to a year after enrolling, according to your convenience and needs. You can take it in sections, as long as it is completed within one year. You also are allowed to take as many Insurance Education Courses as you want.

With such astonishing flexibility offered is it any surprise then that The Title Academy of New Jersey is considered as one of the best in its class?

Open Doors with Title Academy of New Jersey’s Online Insurance Courses

For anyone wanting to work as a title professional, finishing their title education is mandatory. They also will need to pass their title agent licensing exam successfully. In the United States, there are many schools offering these courses, but to complete these requirements, from an established and reputable institution like The Title Academy of New Jersey, gives you a head-start in business.


Upgrade To the Latest Insurance Industry Courses

Insurance selling is a competitive business, and agents are always trying to get the best deals and clients. To remain ahead an agent has to consistently update their title education courses, so they can stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations of the industry. To achieve this you need to take insurance courses with an established institution like The Title Academy of New Jersey. We offer insurance agents the option to upgrade their title school credits by taking title insurance online courses.


Complete Online Title Education Courses from Home

An online title school like ours has programs that allow prospective students to select the insurance courses of their choice, and pay their charges and fees online. Registering and payment can be completed quickly and securely on our websites. We allow new students to get title insurance credits by studying for their selected courses at home


New Name and New Courses for The Title Academy of New Jersey

We have been providing professional title insurance online courses for more than 17 years in the United States, and we have had thousands of students finish their courses and prosper in the insurance field. We are in the process of adding more courses to our curriculum, and also are in the process of changing our name to The Academy of Continuing Education (A.C.E.).